Golden, Colorado - A Girlfriends Guide to the City with Dove Inn

January 26, 2020

Girlfriends, Listen Up!


We don't take breaks enough - we juggle our households, our work, our families and try to keep up with the latest ways to stay active, healthy and god forbid socially engaged. It's tough to take time for yourself. I cannot recommend enough taking a staycation or short weekend getaway and obviously, you all know how much I love Colorado so I put together a little staycation idea (or mini vacation if you're an out of state follower HI YOU!).


Golden, CO is the perfect distance away from Denver & Boulder. Near Red Rocks, close to skiing if you want to go up for the day, near great hikes and activities - you name it!


I recently had a chance to collaborate with the Dove Inn and let me tell you it is THEE place to stay in Golden. Not only is it CUTE AF, it's also affordable, centrally located and we had the best experience.


For our slumber party, I invited my sister friends Brigitte and Megan over for wine, laughs and good food. There's a great little liquor store around the corner that's stacked full of wine, seltzers and local brews.


Since the gals were going to be there later, I took full advantage of the perfectly coifed space to take some pics for the 'gram. You know you all would have too - it's really awesome and I would recommend renting a couple of the rooms if you want to do a photoshoot or similar.


We stayed in the carriage house in the back of the building above the garage space - the photos featured here are both that room and the main "lobby" area. All are styled beautifully.


The Dove Inn doesn't allow little kiddos or doggy friends, so it's more of a girlfriends, couples or adult friends trip place to stay. They run the business very "hands off". Codes to sign into your doors, coffee station (they even have local kombucha on tap!!), breakfast pastries set out and grab and go snacks if you're heading to a hike. Pro tip: Check out the storage closet in the hallway - it's stocked with extra pillows, blankets and even a hike pack you can borrow for the day! I thought that was a really nice touch since many out of state visitors probably aren't packing something like that.


We went out for Mexican food nearby and meandered the main street for an after dinner drink. There's often live music playing and Golden is a lot more of a chill vibe than say...downtown Denver.


The Dove Inn has a great "Things to Do" page on their website - check it out here:



If you can stay for breakfast, I love love love the new little market called "Tributary". It has smoothie bowls, wood fire pizza, gelato, bagels, charcuterie boards and lots more. A great spot to try if you have a mixed crowd whom all want different things.



Here's my must do list:

  • Stay at the Dove Inn - tell them I sent you, they're the best!

  • Eat Mexican Food at the Table Mountain Inn and Cantina - don't pass on the jalapeno corn bread, I promise it's not spicy and it's delicious

  • Grab Drinks At

  • Get Brunch at Tributary the next morning

  • Hike, Ride, Float - EXPLORE





















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