September 6, 2019


Getting back in shape with StarCycle 





I was recently invited to attend classes at StarCycle Centennial - a cycle gym with a wonderful sense of community and family. I was a little hesitant to go by because I've been to cycle classes before: Intimidating instructors, embarrassment not knowing how to clip in/out of your bike and feeling silly asking for help.


This was NOT one of those classes.


I had Ursula, who not only has the most amazing taste in music for working out, but was also so kind in helping me get started. She showed me how to adjust my bike (both times, not just my first visit). She helped me clip in and out of my bike and gave wonderful instructions on what to listen for for prompts and how to keep up with directions. I really, really enjoyed her class.




In fact, everyone that worked at StarCycle that I've encountered has been great. It really felt like a community - mostly women - all at different levels, all there to work on themselves.




My first experience wasn't intimidating, but rather exciting EXCEPT THAT I felt like I was punched in the cha cha the next couple of days. The ladies suggested a pad and some small adjustments to the bike for my second class and it was absolutely not a problem after that.









StarCycle even just launched a new app to sign up, drop in, register for childcare - all quickly and easily. It really makes classes flexible and fit in our crazy lives. For those of you who work out before or mid-work day, they have everything you need to quick freshen up and head back to work in their bathrooms.





They also have SUPER cute workout gear, because...that's important too sometimes.


Shoes and towels and light toiletries are supplied - so really all you need to do is sign up and show up!


Excited to be feeling great and looking great too - Thank you, StarCycle!































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