5 Best Jeans for FUPAs

February 7, 2019

Yeah, I said it - FUPA. You know what it stands for, and I'm here to help all the post-baby bodies get their sexy jean on again. First comes love, then comes marriage - then comes the baby that destroyed my ability to eat oatmeal cream pies and still fit in my jeans the next day. This is HARD HITTING JOURNALISM DONT @ ME.


Here are my picks for the absolute best coverage against FUPAs (You're welcome):


Honorable Mentions: AG Farrah, Good American, &  Moussy Vintage


5) Rag and Bone High Rise Skinny. Sev actually helped me fall in love with Rag & Bone on a trip to Aspen - sounds fancy, eh? I super love the stretch on these jeans when I'm looking for something a little more like a legging. There are washes that are more structured, but I think they do a super stretchy jean better than regular denim. My only negative is that they do stretch out after a couple of wears so you may be pulling them up a lot if you don't wash your jeans/dry them. I picked the ankle length because I'm a shortie and they're perfect on my 5'3" frame. Runs a little big, size down only if in between.


4) J Brand Maria High Rise Jeans. These were the first pair of jeans I ever spent more than $50 dollars on and I never looked back at cheap jeans again. I had some coupons to a local boutique and used them for this, then went back for a second pair - whoops! When you know, you know. This style runs tts and I wish they'd come out with an even higher version - give me an 11" rise J brand pleeeease.




3) Levi's 501 Wedgie Jeans. These have been my most worn and most favorite jeans for about two years now - I would say they're my personal favorite if I had to choose just one pair to keep forever. The only downfall to these incredibly structured and amazing jeans is that they're a little stiff since they arent stretchy and can be hard to bend or run around after kids in. I don't even care, I'll be roboto mom and my ass will look GOOD. Runs tts if not a hair small.



2) Madewell 10" High Rise Jeans. Okay, I'll admit when Madewell launched I was like...meh...its cute but nothing special, and never was I drawn into their brand for jeans...that is, UNTIL I TRIED THEM ON. Can Madewell's 10" skinny do no wrong? I want every wash and had to stop myself at two pairs for now to keep from going overboard. The size I listed is on sale! Get the style with the five buttons in the front, those da best. Runs a size big, size down one. Thank you vanity sizing wheeee.



1) Levi's Ribcage Jeans. THE HIGHEST RISE JEAN I COULD FIND!! Like, what??? These jeans boast a twelve inch rise from crotch to underboob - that's A FOOT OF FUPA COVERAGE, LADIES!!!  I found a few different washes, but across the board the cut of jean seems the same - I'm going for the grey since I have so many light wash jeans already (I'll probably get two lets be real). I actually haven't tried these on yet, but I am furrrr surrreeeee ordering them right now so BYE!







Chantel is an expert in the FUPA industry - she has been rocking one since the birth of her first child, Cora, in 2012 so you should take her opinions very seriously.

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