Holiday Gift Guide - Working Woman

December 13, 2018



Here's the next gift guide!


This gift guide is curated for that special someone in your life that's taken their first job, gone back to work after maternity leave or just is a good ol' fashioned BOSS lady.


I took a more cutesy approach to this gift guide to keep it fun, colorful and affordable.


Here we go! Lunch Sac

Encourage a fun lunch break with these too-cute-to-handle lunch sacks at This company is run by major boss babe Jen Gotch, if you don't know her you should definitely be looking her up.


Erin Condren Planners

Another Oh Joy! love of mine has brought me to Erin Condren planners - these are especially great for teachers, but really they have something for everyone. The accessories make planning and staying organized cute and fun!


Face Roller from Anthropologie

So, face rollers are really not NEW to the scene but have recently become super popular again. Rolling this cutie over your face and neck is a great way to destress a bit before that presentation or keep in your bag for the long commute to meetings at the office.




Smeg Coffee Maker

I don't drink coffee personally, I'm more of a Bhakti Chai kind of gal, but I know all of you love your coffee like

WHOA - so here's a cutie pie coffee maker I've read awesome reviews on!






Okay, I don't love to suggest gift cards because I think they're silly to suggest on a gift guide but who wouldn't love to have some Audible books for that drive to work - or for the work from home babes, while you're cruising through those morning emails?? Memberships to audible are affordable and you can gift an Amazon gift card to use towards membership as well. That way they can pick a topic of book or podcast that really speaks to them, without the guesswork.


Theory Blazer

The Clairene blazer is, in my opinion, the most perfect blazer/light jacket ever made. I have it in blush and I would love to have it in grey, black, green and a neutral brown or cream. I wear mine so much I might even get a replacement in the same color I already have! If you're looking to save a few bucks, try Poshmark or Mercari for used pieces. Sorry this piece is a little more pricey - but its definitely a wish list item I'd recommend everyone add to their list - especially if you're leaning towards becoming more minimalistic with your closet.


Nena & Co Laptop Bags

Okay, so this isn't the BEST suggestion because these bags are SO hard to come by. They sell in private buy, sell trade groups for anywhere from $300 - $2,000 dollars but if you can snag one on a drop (7am & 7pm Fridays PST) directly on their website you will love them so much! They also do an all leather bag in brown and black thats great for males or females and really classy.


MiniMergency Kit from Urban Outfitters

I love these little kits - they are especially great for brides-to-be but also awesome little nuggets to keep in your desk or car in case of a spill or tear or sweaty day.




Okay, that's all for now - I might add a few things as I create these gift guides but just a note that these are all not affiliate links in any way shape or form so know that these are things I truly love and recommend.


Much love,



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