Bathroom Inspiration

October 13, 2018

When you have 37975308068826 things to do, and instead you're browsing pinterest and Anthropologie for bathroom inspiration...whoops!




Here are some of my favorite items in my cart for my bathroom:




I absolutely fell in love with Amanda Oleander's art this Summer...she does 24 hours drops every so often, so you have to really watch for those to snag a piece you like. I've been collecting for a handful of months now and this image is one of the prints I've ordered for decorating.






Someone help me figure out what plants I won't kill in my bathroom, please! There will be a nice sized window behind the standing tub, so sunlight should be good (South facing, not too harsh). Would love something tall and tropical looking that can survive in Colorado/indoors.










I'm torn between something glam/gold or something wooden and with a warmer touch - I love the idea of reading a book in a hot bath. I don't think I've ever been comfortable in a bathtub...too small, too awkwardly shaped or when I've been too pregnant. A soaking tub seems like a luxury we never knew we'd have.

















Okay, I am for SURE ordering this. How frickin funny, but also useful is this?? It has a poor review, so I am hoping that it's actually awesome and they just don't know what they're talking about. Like, what kind of toilet paper are you using if you can't fit a roll on there? If anyone sees something similar please send it my way! Hoping for brass/gold.



We could use suggestions for the kids bathrooms, rugs, favorite towels, stools or even lighting! What is your favorite thing in your bathroom or dream bathroom? My full pinterest board is HERE - follow along for more house inspiration.

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