Baby Love Photoshoot - It's a BOY!

August 27, 2018



Okay, so I don't take on photoshoots often because:

a) I'm super busy and

b) I don't have a ton of professional equipment...


so I really like to limit the work I take on to client content creation (stuff for their social media posts and websites) and personal friends & family.


Well, when my super cute friend Brittany asked me to help her with a baby announcement shoot this past weekend I couldn't really say no!?!? Her and her hubby, Tyler, are not only adorable but really fun to hang out with which made this shoot super easy and fun.




















We had such a good time riding around this King Soopers (the team was such a good sport) and I was really happy with how these turned out. Dad and mom even tried some baby food (I advised on which ones were basically applesauce, but now I'm thinking we should've tried something weird just to mess with them hehe).


And look how in love they are...awwww. Best of luck to the parents to be.


Hope you enjoy.


Stay inspired.




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