Making Quality Content Iterative

July 23, 2018



How to make quality content and then iterate or repurpose it.


First off, please take the word "quality" with a grain of salt. Quality does not mean "perfect". It can mean engaging, tells a story, gets a reaction and is polished. Just remember what I always tell my clients (and friends) that DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. You can have 100 pieces of amazingly perfect content sitting and waiting to get done but if they're not in market they're useless (and likely becoming irrelevant depending on your industry).


People don't like being sold too so creating an ad or similar and sending it out on every platform isn't always the best choice anymore - you may get great exposure, but you will likely not get high CTRs, ROI or engagement.


The biggest thing you are looking for here is CONNECTION. Connecting to your current and desired audiences should be the ultimate goal with content (alongside obvious goals of generating sales leads or clicks to your product if applicable).


Creating quality content, even if not perfect, takes time. Lots of time. People who are successful influencers may look like they're just snapping casual photos of their life and landing big deals because of it are misleading. The same goes for big brands : Photography, editing, writing, video production...all of it takes multiple rounds of post-production, editing and even planning up front. When you put that much effort into a single post, white paper, etc. it's frustrating to think about doing that 3-10x a week and only using that content one time.


Did we launch it at the right time? Did we miss our shot?


This is where making your content iterative is key.


Taking that quality content and reusing it as much as possible without burning it out allows you to make something once and reuse it across multiple platforms or in different ways over & over.


A great example of a project I did this year was for Comcast Business - we shot two full days of interviews for some sales leadership video work. We were able to create multiple videos for their sales leadership, public platforms, social media and even blooper reels to lighten the mood at conferences! We could've cut and diced that content all year long if we had budget to keep editing, and they will be able to pull that content for years to come for use.


On a more social level - having a photoshoot for your instagram should be also shared across twitter/facebook, on your blog, on pinterest and portfolio. Did you style the shoot? Are you working with a brand? Did you write about something interesting others might want to read about? Take that content, chop it up and send it off into the digital world! I will add that simply sharing the same content everywhere doesn't necessarily add value - only if your followers on different platforms are different which usually isn't the case.


A better few examples would be:

  • Did you create process guidelines for your client or own business? Take that information and create samples, templates or even FAQ and how to's to share on platforms like pinterest for people to find you.

  • Video work, like I mentioned before, can be re-edited and curated in different ways to tell the story you want your readers and viewers to hear/see.

  • Publish some awesome statistical research? Turn it into an infographic!

  • Have a series of work you've done for a client? Turn that into a presentation for them when you're trying to up-sell or resign them to remind them of all of the work you've done for them. You can also use this content to serve as a portfolio or presentation for new potential clients.

  • Write a killer research or white paper? Take excerpts from the piece and make graphics or tweet out snippets of the findings.

If you're interested in learning more about putting together a marketing plan for content email me - I love crafting and project managing content; it's my favorite!






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