Engagement is Queen in Social Media Marketing

July 16, 2018


Something I get asked almost weekly: What is your number one tip to those beginning on social media? My answer is always the same.




People are smart. They can tell when accounts are fake, full of bots and when they're being sold something unwillingly. Developing brand identity and trust with your ideal clients is crucial in a world where this is happening every minute:



Take a minute to really absorb how much content that is every minute! Quantity no longer outshines quality, and if you're not engaging with your clientele pretty frequently you'll be forgotten.


As overwhelming as social media can be, you don't have to be online 24/7 to be successful. Start small. Post things that are thoughtful, engaging and purposeful (helps if they're branded and visually appealing too). When someone likes or comments - answer them, show them love back. Use services like Later.com to organize your content and even auto=publish it! You can spend one day organizing a whole month's worth of content and even outsource to a VA (virtual assistant) to answer customer service questions or the like.


Knowing your story and being true to it can be hard - listen to your audience. Follow your industry and find your place within it - then own it. Remember that a majority of purchases and decisions are 70% or more emotionally based. Use this to your advantage.


Happy connecting friends!





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