Spring is in Full Bloom, But Are You? 10 Things You Should be Outsourcing in Your Business.




Spring is here and social media is flooded with blossom and bussoms a plenty - but with all of this new life, fresh air and change - how is your business holding up? Did you even realize it's already MAY?! I almost didn't except May is a big month for me personally (moving, appraisals, building a house, trips...it's getting a little cray cray up in here, up in here).


Back to your business - are you as far into your 2018 goals as you expected? If not, what are you doing to change that? Spring is all about change. If something isn't working or you are working too much - maybe think about outsourcing. Marketing is often such an undervalued resource and excluded from small business budgets which is a huge mistake. Ever wonder why that 2-man shop in your industry is out there kicking your butt? He's probably marketing himself better OR implemented some kick-a$$ sales strategy and training to get to that next level.


Things you can outsource easily, and cost effectively in a small business:

  1. Your accounting/books. This is not only a cost saver in the long run, but for those of us who hate keeping track of every receipt, searching for tax breaks, etc. this is a huge headache avoider come tax season.

  2. Content Creation & Management. I know, I know - you really want to be at every shoot, and control everything. Heck, content creation can be the fun part of the job, right? But if you're spending 10+ hours a week on writing captions, taking photos, editing video content...maybe you could benefit from a content creator and manager.

  3. Editing. Here I mean your writing...proposals, bids, emails, whatever it may be. Writing is something that we all get too close to and don't see simple mistakes: Grammar, tone, etc. Hiring out an editor can help a lot or using a service like Grammarly.

  4. Hiring. If you're larger than 10 people (and often if you're not) using a local talent recruitment service can really save you the headache of sifting through tens of hundreds of applications. These agencies are also extremely helpful if you need someone as a temp or project based. Don't forget to ask your current network too - people like me have loads of great talented friends and colleagues in our network.

  5. Media Buying/Marketing Planning. Media buying can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time diving into these traditional marketing methods. Digital buys, billboards, broadcast - they're all so very different and beneficial in different ways. Be sure to lay out your budget expectations clearly when diving into media.

  6. Project Management. Managing the day to day between tasks, resources, deadlines...how can you possibly get any new business development done if you're in the weeds all of the time? Even if you have project managers on staff - is your team running as smoothly as you could be? Are you utilizing your project management software as effectively as you could be? There's almost always room for growth in this department, and its the part of my job I am most passionate about. Trust me, hire it out! 

  7. Lead Generation. There are numerous lead generation and nurturing programs out there - many project management and sales tools also offer this in their services i.e. Hubspot. Let someone set up ads & network to get qualified leads into your sales funnel where you can take over whenever you feel most comfortable.

  8. Sales Funnels. Sales funnels can get clunky and messy quickly - trust me here, use a service like Click Funnels to get your funnel up and running quickly.

  9. Email Marketing. Email marketing, like sales funnels, can get sloppy and messy quickly. Opt in laws, frequency, content...it's all a very delicate game you play with your most precious source of leads - emails. Don't guess on what to do - hire a professional.

  10. Social Media Management. Something even I outsource to my network - this is NOT my specialty, and I am happy to admit it. I have great peeps whom I rely on constantly to help me and my clients with SEO/SEM and it is a full time job.

Just remember, any time reallocated or saved means more lifestyle fun to be had or more time focusing on other things to grow your business. I always say - work on your business from the OUTSIDE not from the INSIDE. Don't forget - just because you CAN doesn't always mean you SHOULD.


E-mail me if you need help with any of the above - Happy Spring!




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