Going Digital: Where to Start? Top 10 Sites to Find Remote Work.

April 9, 2018


So, here's a question I've been getting a LOT lately. Chantel, how do you find work remotely??


Firstly, let me say that working remotely is NOT for everyone. It can be isolating. It can be hard to stay productive. It can also mess with your day-to-day dynamics (for example, I work late at night more because my kids are home more which causes different/new family stresses to our dynamic that we didn't have when I worked full time). 


That being said, many of us who love this lifestyle will do anything it takes to protect it.


If you already have a skillset and/or a market you know you want to target you really just need to find places to apply/propose work. Please be sure to update your website, portfolio (if applicable) and resume before applying for work to be sure you are represented clearly and professionally.


If you need help getting organized, creating a compelling landing page/website or even updating your resume feel free to email me at chantel@chanteldahl.com directly for help. We can set up a marketing and game plan to set you up for digital nomad success.


Here are my top 10 sites for finding remote-based work (in no particular order):


  1. Fivver

  2. Remote.co

  3. Remotive

  4. Jobspresso

  5. Remoteok.io

  6. FlexJobs

  7. WeWorkRemotely

  8. Upwork

  9. PeoplePerHour

  10. Indeed


I'll work on a video to explain why I like each and what each is best for, but wanted to put this out there for those who were asking as a place to get started.


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