Count Every Win. Every Single One of Them.

March 24, 2018

You guys, I'm ecstatic!! I promised myself this was the year I was going to seriously learn a content creator and professional marketer, how can I offer these services if I am not great at them myself?


It's one thing to "speak the language" in a field you are working in...I work with videographers, coders, photographers, designers, etc everyday and I know what they're talking about...but I don't hold a lot of those skillsets in a masterful way myself. 


2018 is my year to change that. I still will outsource when things are outside of my skillset or if it makes sense for me to do so because I have an amazing team of creatives behind me, but I am so proud of the following achievement.




I placed two images in the top 10%, one in the top 20% and three in the top 30%.


It's no surprise that my highest placed image was of Miss Blue Eyes herself...she's the cutest, right??



No, I didn't win the overall contest. No, I don't get a prize. But I kicked ass. My top 10% images, both of them, beat out over 30,000 other entries. I submitted photos that I took. Not for a job, not for money...just because and I won! I am so proud of this and it further encourages me to keep moving on with my creativity and skillsets. And these photos aren't even nearly as great as some of the ones I've been working on next year I am going to kick even more booty.


The lesson from this is to count every win. Every single one.


Did you get up this morning? Win!


Did you get paid to do something or trade your time for money? WIN!


Did you get recognized for your work, even in a tiny way?? Um, hello? WINNING!


Thank you for sharing the love my fellow creatives. Check out the shootandshare contest to see all of the other amazing photographers who entered...there are some really stunning pieces of work.




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