Keep the Creative Flowing

March 23, 2018

This week's message is simple: Do NOT, I repeat...DO NOT stop being creative.

Not even if:

  • You're tired

  • You have haters

  • You are self conscious

  • You're still learning

  • You have "more important" things to do

  • You have woken up in a real-world Jumanji game

No excuses.


I was able to sneak in a quick creative shoot this week and I was so glad I did. I grabbed one of my RTR (Rent the Runway) dresses I have been hoarding, threw on a wig (yes, that is a, I did not magically grow super long mermaid purple hair overnight), and snag a few photos between house hunting and nap time.


This beautiful dress is part of the Red Valentino collection. I picked it for my birthday, but since I didn't wear it I kept it and decided to make it more casual for a quick shoot. This lake is near where we were house hunting this week. Through the frustrations of house changes, navigating my workloads and just everyday kiddo stuff I'm promising myself to carve out creative time to stay "fresh" and keep my content interesting. For me, that means styling shoots, writing proposals and storyboarding out new projects.


What are you doing to stay creative? What inspires you? Drop me a line and let me know - I always love to hear and love collaborating too.














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