Dillon, Colorado- The Lake, The Castles, The Serenity

March 12, 2018



This past week my family and I were fortunate enough to run away to the mountains and spent the day in Dillon, Colorado.  We are in the middle of some major transitions - me working for myself, my partner covering a more out of town territory than usual, selling our home, looking to buy or build our next home, getting ready for our oldest to start school (the reason for our move - new school district) and in all of that crazy hustle and bustle we just don't get to spend time together.


The mom guilt of "one more minute, honey" and "go play with your sister, I just have to finish this one thing" has been heavy these last few weeks, but has easily been triumphed by the long weekends, lazy mornings and just overall stress-free work life I'm now becoming accustomed to.


I've had my heart set on going to the Dillon Ice Castles for months now and since they were closing soon we opted to finally take the plunge and get up there! I was a little bummed I waited so long since they weren't allowing patrons to enter until after 6pm (the weather is getting too warm); Nor were they allowing camera equipment into the castles aside from cameras - which to me means no light, no chance of great Instagram pics - AMIRITE?! How embarrassing are these with people staring at me and my purple hair like a weirdo...haha...



But we linked up with our friends the Gregoire's (aren't they adorable??) to meet their new squish and meander the cold wonderland together. We brought a wagon designed to withstand snow, ice and sand which was...meh...not the best idea. I didn't realize how "deep" the sandy snow/shaved ice would be so I was extra grateful to have Severyn there (to pull) and for local mama Tara to have brought an extra snowsuit for Tilly Bean. We also opted for some hot hands that didn't get REALLY hot until we made it back to Denver but I did give one of them to a little girl who forgot her gloves and she was pretty excited.



The kids had fun - Cora loved crawling in the "oh my god, where does that go...I can't see you...oh my god I've lost my child" spaces whereas Tilly loved watching the lights and the fountain screeching "oooh pretty" at everything.


We also spent a little time driving around the lake just taking in the scenery before our main event - in which Tilly puked all over herself from carsickness but that's another story for another day (why won't it stop?!?!).


Pro mom tip: If you're in a huge hurry and have to hop on an unplanned conference call you can check out the Silverthorne Rec. Center, the Breckenridge library or pull a stop at the brand new McDonald's in Dillon to let the kids play like I had to. Fair warning, it's a music themed play center and it's not quiet. #Momlife


If you have time to check out Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne or Breckenridge in the Spring/Summer this year make sure to stop by the Marina when all of the boats are in the water - here's me being a dork by the storage area - it's really beautiful anytime, really. So beautiful we are considering moving closer and closer to the mountain towns we love so much...stay tuned for future announcements on where we finally decide to move.


Happy Monday, everyone!







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