Succulents & Starting Fresh

February 19, 2018


I took some time these past two weeks to reset. Reset on my priorities, reset on where I want to go with my career and reset on the map I'm drawing to get there for me and my family. I keep saying I'm going to build the things I help others build, but for myself this time.


Why is it so hard to take our own advice or review our own businesses from a high level? Is it because we are so in the weeds we are just making the day to day movements to survive? Is it because we are more invested in our client's success than our own?


Are we too busy building our family to dedicate any ounce of free time to ourselves? know you're the worst at this!


For me the latter has always been my excuse, but just recently I've discovered that the former is really the problem. Now, I will ALWAYS...ALWAYS push for my partner's and client's success. I have a tough love approach and I don't give up until I see results. But I made a new pact to myself and my daughters last week that I will prioritize my family and self first.


Already in just over a week I've noticed a HUGE mental shift in my work. I'm happier. I'm more focused. I'm maintaining (more easily) my workload and experiencing a completely healthy work-life balance. It's not only benefiting me but also my family and even my clients!


I finished everything on my plate I wanted to and had time to take my silly, sassy gals to the nursery today. There was no reason. No agenda. No purpose for going other than I love plants and I wanted to share that with them.


I didn't have a real concrete message to promote today, just a simple reminder to take breaks, prioritize yourself sometimes and always remember to reset. Also, keep plants around - they make me happy.





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