Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Top 10 Things I Want

January 23, 2018




I don't know why I'm writing this other than to throw some things I want out there in the world hoping they come back to me in the form of a gift.  Here's my gift guide for anyone in your life who likes these things or has similar interests as me.


1) House of Flynn Bags - I don't even really know how I ended up in the infamous "House of Flynn Taco Tribe" but it consumes way too much of my personal time and I love it. I was looking for a backpack style camera bag and I absolutely looooove mine - I get asked often where it's from. I should do a demo on everything that fits and how to use it for travel. Adding that to my list, guys.


I'm really into this Black Fable pattern. I'm hoping to replace my laptop bag with one of these cuties (Wandering Gypsy Tote) and also to encourage myself to carry my pro-camera around a bit more. The hero image of this article is the House of Flynn Evermore in Canvas and Leather (Black Fable pattern). That's next on my wish list as I become more professional in carrying video/camera equipment around.



2) Journals - Why did I ever stop writing in journals?? So therapeutic. 


3) Facial Things - I got my first facial a few months ago; Just a normal, everyday cleanse. Holy awesome, I loved it. I really want something to do extraction at home - safely. Maybe a Clarisonic? Can someone just buy me a HydraFacial machine?? ;)


4) Ring Light - I just want one because everyone looks so damn good on camera with them.



5) A nap. Dinner. Quiet. Something by myself. I work in a really faced-paced environment. No matter how much you "train" your clients there is never a full understanding or appreciation for how much work tasks can take in marketing/design. Couple that with unexpected "emergencies" and regular workloads, I put in way more hours than I care to admit a week. I know what I signed up for but sometimes...sometimes supermomtreprenuers also get tired. I work really hard and I also live an active lifestyle with my family (have you seen Colorado?!). I have two little girls,  two pups, struggle to find time for my partner and our home, goals, etc. etc - it seems like my own quiet time gets pushed to the bottom of the list. (May I also mention we are house hunting and de-stashing every room in our house??) I just want a nap, yo.


6) Experiences. Take me to dinner, take me to a museum, movies, farmer's market...or take me to Europe. I don't care. I just want to do something FUN - preferably a new experience I've never had. I'll try most anything once - don't let your mind wander too far there pervs.


7) Shoes - Okay, let's be honest here. I am trying to be a minimalist - like, REALLY hard. I even got a subscription to Rent the Runway so I can borrow cute fun things and stop growing my closet buuuuuut they don't rent shoes. I love shoes. Size 6 in errthang.


8) Books - I love to read, but never seem to make time for it anymore. I also love recommendations - please, please hit me up with your favorites! In my amazon "save for later" I just have a bunch of investment and tech books so to save you the yawnsies, I'll recommend a few authors I've come across recently:

  • Erica Ferencik

  • Nora McInerny Purmort

  • Tiffany Haddish

  • Yuval Noah Harari

  • Cara Alwill Leyba


9) Massage - Rub me.


10) Food - I also like cold beverages. And G Love. You're welcome.




Thats all I can think of. Did I say a nap? I really want a nap...






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