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January 16, 2018




This past weekend we took a little improv family trip to Aspen, Colorado - a hop, skip and a jump from our hometown of Denver. Severyn had a quick conference so we jumped on a chance to get to the mountains - we haven't been much this season.


There were plenty of smiles, fur hats and Dumb and Dumber quotes to pass around (Tilly totally has Harry hair right now...it's pretty awesome. See photo of the girls waiting to go swimming) --->


Some favorites that were on repeat:

  • Why you going to the airport, flying somewhere?

  • Why don't you eat up and we'll tell ya.

  • ...our pets heads are falling off!

  • Samsonite! I was way off.

  • According to the map we've only gone four inches...

  • Yeah, unless you wanna work forty hours a week!

  • No, it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing

  • I got worms! That's what we're going to call it.


If you've never watched D&D we cannot be friends until you do. No, I have not seen the sequel.


I didn't take a lot of "good" pictures on this trip - just a few cell snaps. Trying to focus on the kiddos as much as possible in our free time together! Even worse though, Sev sends me pics LOW RES - gahhh...men...





































Good thing he's cute and helped me make these gorgeous babies, huh?




Cora loved Aspen because "they have rainbows EVERYWHERE!" It's actually "Gay ski week" in Aspen - check it out here: http://gayskiweek.com/





 Tilly was mostly interested in soothing her aching teeth with some snow...







This is what I was doing instead of working on the stuff I should have been. 




We tried to hit the gondola but it was closed - Cora wasn't up for sledding or ice skating soooo we got froyo.





​Mood after getting up 5am to come back down for work^






Giant Hat - Free People - similar here

Sweater - Free People - Rent here

Green Jacket - Anthropologie Hei Hei Anorak - Poshmark




Thank you for stopping by!



















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