Announcing: The Curse! A new indie pop/rock band

January 10, 2018


Coming to an international theatre near you, I am so excited to announce my brothers and I are starting a new band called "The Curse".


The band consists of:

  • Keegan Dahl

  • Chantel Alyssa Dahl (me, duh)

  • Collyn "Goober Schnitzel" Dahl

  • Brandt "Wittle Brandters" Dahl

Keegan will be heading up lead guitar and vocals, I will be playing the tambourine and official "hype girl" while Collyn is our resident rapper & screamo artist. Brandt will be playing all acoustic bits to play to our young female audience.


Our name, "The Curse", comes from our fathers insistence that nobody in our family can make an ugly human - calling it "The Dahl Curse". I cannot disagree with the old man (he's actually super young - ha!) as both of my children are pretty flippin' cute.


All jokes aside, here are some takes from our shoot together - photocred to my GORGEOUS (inside and out) friend Ari of Block 8 Photography.







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