When will it begin to look like Christmas?

December 13, 2017


 So, here I am. In Denver, Colorado. You know that gorgeous state known for its beautiful mountains, 300+ days of sunshine each year..and yeah, yeah pot is legal.


One of the reasons (of MANY) I moved to Colorado and love it so much is that I can live somewhere and enjoy the outdoors year-round - for those of you that don't know, I'm originally from Moorhead, MN which is the neighboring city of Fargo, ND and it's cold as balls there. I love that Colorado still has SEASONS and I can still enjoy the Winter, albeit much more mildly than in ND/MN.


My daughter just turned five last week and she said to me "Mommy, why didn't it snow for my birthday? It always snows on my birthday!".


Ugh, heart broken.


I've been selfish and enjoying not digging out snowpants, gloves, hats, etc. everyday for my kids before school, but I didn't even think about how much they'd be missing snow at this time of year.


We have a great backyard that happens to be on a hill - helllloooo built in sledding hill!


So, here is my pretend it's snowing in Colorado photo.


Outfit details:







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