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December 5, 2017


Photocred: Sweet Like Pie

So, I wrote this post last year when I was still nursing my youngest (Tilly) and it popped up in my feed on Facebook recently. I wanted to add it to the blog as a reminder to just be nice, you guys!




I've had this conversation with so many moms just this month - shaming for feeding in public, shaming for breastfeeding, shaming for bottle feeding, grossed out by milk sharing. I have done all of the above and I feel like we just can't win!

I value my career and I value formula for giving me the ability to be away from my child to build a life for my family. One of my best girlfriends went through a double-mastectomy and her story reminds me daily to be grateful for my ability to feed my babies "naturally". Another great girlfriend donated her milk to me to help me make my goal of a year of breast milk with Cora and that same girlfriend fed many other babies that were in need. I think all ways of feeding our babies are so so lovely.

The next time you see a mom feeding her baby you have the power to make them feel comfortable or be a jerk. Choose the former.

Motherhood...PARENTHOOD...is hard enough without attacks on something so silly.


Support your mama bears in whatever they choose for their babies and do it with empathy, I beg you.

**Here's a beautiful picture my gal Katie captured and I just adore that I will always have this to remember my journey, albeit difficult, in a positive light**

(Also of note my breasts are mine and mine alone...not yours, not my babies, not anyone's who wants to sexualize them in any way shape or form. Mine. Mine. Mine.)

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