Are you a Disruptor?

November 25, 2017




What defines a disruptor?


In business, a "disruptor" is someone or a business that provides a new product or service that interrupts the current status quo.  It either creates a NEW market or redirects the market traffic as it currently flows.


In my work, I've learned the largest companies are terrified of disruptors.  Exposing their secrets; The framework they've worked so hard to train you to believe.  Dairy industry, cable companies, stores, public school name it.  Their marketing/brainwashing dollars have crippled us to not only be consumers rather than inventors, but also to never challenge authority or what we are taught.  Those who break this mold are not only creating waves, but they're filling their pockets along the way.


Here are a few industries and how they're being disrupted currently:



From 'Tiny Houses' to cleaning products, how we live seems to be the slowest moving disruption taking place.  We are trained to get jobs, buy stuff, fill our homes only to downsize and get rid of it all before we leave this life.  Why?!  I am personally trying so hard to detox my home of things and trade that for more time.  I call myself a minimalist in training and am always looking for ways to downsize or systemize my everyday tasks.


One of my favorite disruptor videos I saw this week was by a company called Dropps.




Not only is this video hilarious, but it hits the nail on the head for exposing the pain points surrounded by laundry detergent AND exposes the water and plastic waste that many of us probably weren't aware of.  I have mom friends who install Amazon refill buttons for a product they're WAY overusing. I have used the same bottle of liquid detergent for about 6 months know you don't need nearly as much as the cap size, right


You're paying for shipping, water, packaging - but you know that.  Nobody had given you another offering - and then I saw this! Dropps!  I'm not crunchy enough to make my own laundry and  I don't particularly care for the subscription but I get it, it's a popular business model now. I bought it because I respect what they're trying to do, they offered me a free sample, and it aligns with my values of trying to consume and waste less.


Toys & Education.

I'll keep this one short and refrain from going uber Feminist on you, but two of my favorite things happening in these spaces are targeted at young girls.


First, Goldieblox. How flipping cute are these kits?  The marketing and messaging are on point and they're disrupting the all pink barbie aisles by encouraging girls to get into engineering (which is typically male dominated).


Secondly, I am really a fan of what Karlie Kloss is doing with her Kode With Klossy courses.  I work with developers almost every day and I can tell you not ONE of them is female.  We struggle to find them, they're just not available.  Respect, Karlie. Respect.


Food & Nutrition Industry.


Holy wow have I learned a lot in this industry in the last few years.  Subsidies, sugar addictions, dairy industry, nutrition as healthcare...there's a full graduate program of content we could go through but who are the disruptors?

Boxed subscription services like Blue Apron, Green Chef.  I've tried many, liked most, and kept none consistently. I prefer pick up and go - less commitment, more choices like Ready Fit Go.



What I REALLY love are grocery delivery, I'm a little obsessed.


Instacart was the worlds best gift to mothers, I swear to  flippin' 8 pound, 6 ounce baby Jesus. I use it at least a few times a month and I am forever grateful for the time it saves me. I can't emphasize enough that going to Target or whatever "the store" means to you on the weekends is the biggest waste of your time!



Fortune even predicted that Millennials may kill Costco!  I don't want to spend my weekends lugging around a giant store buying 100 qty packs of toilet paper.  Hell, I don't even want to spend 15 minutes making my list.  Make it EASY for me...and that's what services like Instacart and Box are doing.


Find a problem, offer a solution.


Who to watch: Amazon who recently bought Whole Foods.  You may have already seen this and thought maybe they were knocking out the competition? Maybe they will continue building check-out lane free stores (AmazonGo)?! 

But no, what they're really doing is cutting corners. Whole Foods already has real estate and brick-and-mortars all over the country that are set up, have distribution, and most importantly connections with distributors, local produce farmers, organic goodies, etc.  They're going after your delivery grocery market and they're buying their way into first place.




Plus size models, need I say much more than HUBBA HUBBA?! These gals are paving the way and demanding we pay attention. This is Ashley Graham, she rocks. I love her. ​​ 



(Watch her speech here)



Wowza could I talk your ear off on this one. This is the industry I work in day-to-day.


We all know these disruptors:

Internet. Cell Phones. Wikipedia. Youtube. Facebook. Google. Self driving cars. Internet of Things. Big Data. AR/VR. Robotics (watch this one closely!) I mean, we are all even wondering what the hell is Casey Neistat's team creating?! It's been over a year, bro!


My team works in Virtual Reality creating solutions for complex problems, typically in the healthcare industry.  A lot of the work we do is unsharable, but I can tell you it's pretty neat.


If you're in this industry (or want to be) take a spin with this assessment from the Dell EMC team.


Why is all of this important to you?


How could your industry be disrupted? Have you even thought about this yet?


What are the biggest pain points? Do you have an idea for a solution to solve these? Could you take an idea that already exists and improve on it or offer it a new way? Can you help people transition through pain points more easily?




Then you could be a disruptor!


More importantly: How do you monetize your great idea and bring it to actuality?


People don't need information. They need a solution or a roadmap to help them get there.


Want to talk through your idea in a safe place?  Let's put together a project plan and see how it might actualize.  EMAIL ME and let's chat timing, numbers, logistics.  I'd love to hear you out and send you on the path to your own Freedom Exists success story.




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