Business Owner or Self-Employed

November 8, 2017





I'm here to tell you that everyone who works for themselves is not a business owner and certainly not an entrepreneur.


What do I mean by this?


I mean, there are levels of developing your own income and starting a business.  You could be (a):


Contractor. You offer a creative or intellectual service at an hourly rate and are contractually bound to the person cutting you checks - usually an agency of some sort. This work is typically project based or short term. Common roles for this type of business are consultants, designers, and developers.


Self-Employed. You take responsibility for your own taxes, offer freelance services, and maybe even have a team you manage.  Common roles for this type of business are hair stylists, day care providers, or maybe even an MLM company.


Business Owner.  Now here is where MY definition of a business owner and most people's definitions differ.  You have been taught that if you have a business and operate it, you're a business owner.  Maybe it's a restaurant or a boutique!  Both noble, amazing ways to earn a living and (sort of) determine your own schedule. However, I'd still classify you as "self-employed" if you called me up.  If you franchised those businesses and hired out the work THEN I'd call you a business owner.  Do you see how these aren't the same?


In one situation you're hustling and acting as marketer, store personality, selling, scheduler, etc. In the other, you're taking a 10,000 foot view of what's working, what's not, and focusing how to grow your business or multiple businesses.


The important difference between the two is working ON your business versus WITHIN your business.


Let that sink in for a minute.


How do we take what you want to do - maybe go freelance, start a company, develop a product - and turn it into TRUE BUSINESS OWNERSHIP?


Business ownership where YOU are calling the shots and delegating out the tasks that bind you to an office, bind you to an 8-5, or even bind you to a location.


Maybe it's developing design templates that you can resell over & over to your clients?  Maybe it's switching your business model to an eLearning course?  Maybe it's charging a premium fee for more one-on-one attention with your clientele?


I want you to change the way you think about business ownership and begin thinking of running your business from the outside not the inside.


Work ON your business, not IN your business.


Remember that for our consultation - I want you to bring BIG ideas to the table.


Email me to schedule a discovery call. It's always free to let me pick your brain and chat about what my programs can do for you.




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