What do you bring to the party?

September 28, 2017

I'm not talking about your favorite dip (mine is Strawberry Avocado!)


I'm asking what do you contribute to the party? Are you the planner? Are you the baker? Are you the host?


Now, how does that translate in other areas of your life? Are you the shoulder to cry on? Are you the leader? Maybe a teacher of your special skill?


A lot of people stumble when I ask them these questions.  They can answer the literal party question, but when asked their strengths and how others see them as a contributor they tend to draw a blank. 

Here's an easy way to start:


What do your friends say when they introduce you?


For example, my friends say things like:

  • This is my friend, Chantel - she has the most beautiful little girls that are so polite!

  • This is my friend, Chantel - she helped me get my wardrobe together and finally organize my dang house.

  • This is my friend, Chantel - she does some really cool stuff in AR/VR!


Those are silly, right?  But even if they're top level they open the conversation for exploring things that I am good at that others might not be or maybe they are also interested in the same things as me!


For example, I have really polite kids that I can take anywhere.  Why is that important?  So many parents struggle with socializing their kiddos.  I OVER-socialize mine and I encourage my mommy friends to do so as well.  I love trading tips & tricks to connect with other parents and also learn new ways of parenting I may have never thought of before.


Okay let's go deeper.


Wardrobe. I am a minimalist wannabe, but more importantly a systems freak. What I mean by that is that I am a firm believer in automating every part of your live that you can. Grocery delivery, less time at the store. Meal prep, less to cook.  Less clothes, less to wash and less decisions to make. Automate your finances, saving becomes easy.  When someone finds out that I help friends in these small areas they often also find out that their lives drastically improved in other departments as well. Getting things like your nutrition & home life on track almost always lead to better work performance and even saving relationships! 


One step deeper.


Chantel works in tech. What? A woman in tech? 




This opens all kinds of conversations up.


What kind of projects do you work on?


What kind of clients do you have? 


What the heck do you even do for a living?






Now I have their interest not only in what I do, but how the heck I got there and that's when I usually let them know that I also teach people how to craft their own lifestyle based on their innate skill set.  Their brain starts turning and they tell me their idea for a product or business that they've been meaning to actualize. We brainstorm, exchange contact information and both leave excited about building something together!


See how that works?


Ask 5 friends or loved ones how they would introduce you at a party.  See what they all say and send me a note!  


I'd love to hear if you are surprised by their answers or how their answers could lead you to starting your own adventure.






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