September 28, 2017


Hey you,


I know you.


You're fumbling through the dozens to hundreds of great ideas you have for a new business or product...you can't seem to figure out how to monetize them, and when you do you spend all of your time (and possibly your money) strategizing on your marketing:


That perfect website.


The marketing materials.


The most compelling copy.


The social media handles - ugh, why does this teenager have MY instagram?!


The pricing...oh, the pricing!


What do I offer? Do I offer in it tiers to accommodate all price ranges? Maybe I should do discounts to get more people in the door? (PLEASE DON'T!)


While all of this is happening you forget to do the most important thing: START YOUR BUSINESS.


What if I told you you were losing money every minute you didn't launch your business? What if I also told you it doesn't have to be "all together" before launching?


That's right.  I have plenty of successful colleagues who have launched their e-learning course, webinars, training, etc. without having it all together. I'm blogging from a VERY incomplete website right now!


That's not to say people who launch "early" didn't have an outline with a set solution at the end of their rainbow, but they left some parts a bit bumpy and it still worked out really well because they were able to finesse those bumps as they tried their programs in a sort of profitable Beta mode. 


Product launches are notorious for waiting too long.  There's always the risk of someone launching your idea before you, so don't let someone else steal your thunder. Many products hold back the goodies for SO long and one of 2 things happens:


  • It fails

  • It never launches


Want to know why your Kickstarter didn't work? It's because nobody knew who you were or what you did before you posted it with 30 days to gain the support you needed.


Check out a few product launches who did it right:



What's holding you back from starting?  EMAIL ME and we can set up some time to chat about getting you going!  


Don't wait for someone to shoot that starter gun - they're not coming.


If you can't push LAUNCH yourself, hire someone to do it for you.  The more days in the market the more days to gain customers or clients.


Happy Launching!




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