With 10+ years of experience working on such large companies as Abbott Medical, Banner MD Anderson, Centura Health, Comcast Business, DCP Midstream, Dell EMC, Dingo, DISH Network, ​Johns Manville, Juniper Network, Medtronic, & St. Jude Medical I've been fortunate enough to advise C-level executives and their management teams on processes, trainings and marketing campaigns. Projects have ranged from lead generation campaigns and website redesigns to overall re-branding and strategy campaigns. Working with large teams and large budgets has awarded me the knowledge to know what works and even scale that down to smaller businesses. If you have a marketing problem, I surely can help or build a team to help us get to where you ideally want to be.


I am an ad agency trained professional in both marketing B2C and B2B with over 15 years of experience.  I specialize in process, efficiency and human-to-human relationships. I can build a team to do anything from print production to augmented and virtual reality development. Timelines and budgets are second nature to me and I am a firm believer there's always a way to make things easier and a way to get more out of your & your team's day.  Let me help you get and stay on track with your project or product launch.


Either you don't have time, passion or the experience to navigate that crazy internet and social media world. I can help. I am experienced in the following, but not limited to:

-Social Media Management

-Media Buying & Trafficking

-Writing/Ghostwriting & Editing

-Scripts & Storyboarding

-Marketing Materials

-Powerpoint Presentations

-Video Editing*

-Graphic Design*

*If I can't complete a project on my own I have a large bench of experienced designers, developers & specialists to help me get the job done.

Let's chat about your needs and see how we can build a beneficial relationship together to get you where you need to be.